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Nov 14,2018 | Ka Mun Leong

I love pomegranates. Pomegranates are amazing. Pepper them on salads, layer them in chia seed puddings, or even just adding them to your water. Pomegranates are the absolute best. 
Delicious and healthy by maya
Image credits to Delicious_and_healthy_by_Maya on instagram

Benefits go on and on and on. One superstar factor of pomegranate is that it contains THREE times the antioxidant activity of red wine and green tea. It has one of the best anti-inflammatory effects, fights prostate cancer, might be useful against breast cancer, lowers blood pressure, fights arthritis, joint pains, lowers your risk of heart disease...may help treat erectile dysfunction ;) You can check out Healthline for a more detailed info on these.

For eating? My favourite pomegranates are the Spanish pomegranates. They are sweet, juicy and the seeds are so soft... You can taste its slight nuttiness without having to fight it with your teeth. Delicious. Just the best.
Image credits to Chase2Rabbits from Instagram.

For juicing? In my opinion, the best value for money juicing pomegranates will be the indian ones. They are mostly sweet and sometimes carry a hint of sourness. But definitely, not bitter. 
Image credits to c.judge.shoots on Instagram

I got plenty of feedback from my clients saying... "Naw... it's too difficult to open..." So I went to scour the interwebs and tried out all the tips and tricks online. The best one I found? Full credits to FullHDNature.

So my dear lovely Malaysians, this is now the best time to enjoy some fresh Spanish Pomegranate for eating. #EatNowOrForOneYearHoldYourPeace.