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Fruity Updates of 23 March 2019

Mar 23,2019 | Ka Mun Leong

For this week, our Sweet Globe by #OliveGrove has arrived. These green seedless grapes are so highly sought after in China that the prices are at an absolute high. Crunchy, sweet and flavourful. BEST grapes available right now. Of course with that price tag.

We have a second option for those of you who are more on the thrifty side. We have the autumn crisp which has relatively thicker skin than the sweet globe and is crispy (note the word crispy), sweet and decent flavour. The issue is that these grapes dont have the same sugar level throughout the vines. So some berries are sweeter than others. But overall, good set of grapes.

We also would like to introduce to you our Long Grapes Combo. 325grams of Long Thompson seedless grapes and 325 grams of OliveGrove's delicious sweet sapphire seedless grapes. The long Thompson is sweet with more of a plump type texture. It's long shape makes it incredibly unique. The sweet sapphire is my absolute favourite sweet sapphire of the year. I always wait for these to arrive. The flavour is amazing with good sweetness and some tartness from the skin. Best way to eat it is length wise. That way you get the most flesh. So good.

Next up are our promotional items. Usually at a soaring high rocket sky price for these produce due to it's great eating quality... 
First up we have our favourite one and only Envy Apples. Only available in XL size, these apples are crunchy, sweet and flavourful. One of my favourite apples in the world. Some might think I exaggerate... so we are doing a special where for any order placed today, we will be giving a free piece of envy apple worth RM 5.20.

The Ecuadorian Yellow Pitaya is now at an all time price low. Definitely try it out. Its sweet like honey with flavor of lightness and has the power to detox. Its laxative effect is incredibly potent so you have been warned. It is a favourite fruit of the Tai Tais of KL.

Just to let you know, this will be most likely the last week for all the stone fruits. Our last air cargo is this week and after that most of the produce will be by sea. Which means the fruit ain't as fantastic as it is suppose to be. We recommend the yellow peaches which are juicy, tangy, sour and sweet with great aroma. For those of you who love sweet things, our white peaches are creamy, sweet and an absolute delight. It's been our best seller to date.